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Chess Map in Laos since 2011 – 2017

Following PM Instruction No486 dated 16/03/2010 regarding Establishing National Chess federation and chess in school activities in Lao P.D.R ,  Lao government Ministry of Education & Sport, had given  permission to establishing “Laos Chess Federation” dated:Nov.03/2011, by now it is more than 6 years already.

It had been time of motivation and enthusiasm for a new baby born  chess Federation, with empty hand, passing through different sorts of difficulties, such as lacking skill and experience, especially finance, no sponsor, etc.,

Anyhow, new chess Federation of Laos, had been successfully introduced chess into Laos society, first of all, using “Chess in School” as strategic plan for chess development in the country at this establishing step, where chess was not known in the country.

One of main success for Laos Chess Federation, since its birth in 2011, was Ministry of Education & Sport had accepted Chess to be included in school curriculum  as part of sport subjects, and will also welcome “chess curriculum” in National Sport Academy as well. This is lots of work, and again, need human and financial resources, but finance of Laos Chess Federation itself at this very beginning step, is nothing, local sponsors not yet found, at this step, they are not interested in supporting chess, because they do not know, no understanding about chess what is all about, hopefully that will come later. Lao chess federation wished to extend high appreciation to EDL for their attention and some kind support so far.

Another great success in introducing chess to Laos society, is Laos Chess Federation had become one of outstanding members of National Olympic Committee, and from now all, chess tournament will be always included in National Games. Ministry of Education & Sport had included Chess Tournament in National School Games to be conducted in every 3 years as well. High appreciation to leadership of Ministry of Education & Sport for strong support to activities of Lao chess federation, especially in chess schools.

The fact that Laos Chess Federation had become one of FIDE world chess Federation family and also ACF (Asian Chess Federation), is telling us about honesty and sincere willingness of Laos Chess Federation to be part of world chess movement under the leadership of both FIDE and ACF, following FIDE moto Gens Una Sumus; ” we are one people”.

If before 2012, “chess” was unknown in Laos society, by now, hundreds of new and young chess players, had appeared throughout the country, first of all in schools. Chess in School activities, is cooperation between Laos Chess Federation and Ministry of Education & Sport, we called this project as” Chess in School” (CIS) that  had been spread out in school system from north to south in 16 provinces out of 18 provinces ( there are 18 provinces in the whole country of Laos). Chess in school will continue to spread out in non chess territory.

From time to time, LCF used to send chess players from schools to play abroad, mostly when we have sponsors to pay for.

In 2015, LCF had produced first 8 FIDE rated players, and the number of rated players will be. increasing from now on.



This is a show of  close cooperation with Ministry of Education & Sport.

First FIDE Rating tournament was conducted in Jan2015 First 8 chess players in Laos, had been FIDE rated;

FIRST RATING  LAOS-THAILAND 2015 – Luangprabang,   world heritage town, Lao PDR   start: 2015-01-27  more info

More information: The full list of Laos tournaments received for April 2015

ID Name Fed Title Rc Rp W N K*change
 6202233   Lertwiram, Apichat  THA  1455  10.00  11  81.6
 6202241   Maneesorn, Kankawee  THA  1466  9.00  11  18.8
 6202209   Chotitada, Sivawong  THA  1465  9.00  11  19.2
 6203264   Krachangpun, Nathat  THA  1482  8.00  11  -34.8
 17700469   Sanouban, Thatsanee  LAO  1466  1525  7.00  11  0
 17700574   Laotham , Thangsoupha  LAO  1465  1505  6.50  11  0
 17700175   Insesuphun , Nattaky  LAO  1465  1372  4.00  11  0
 17700353   Bouasithong , Songkan  LAO  1458  1305  3.00  11  0
 17700582   Soukaloun , Detdamlong  LAO  1458  1305  3.00  11  0
 17700221   Xayxorthor, Sypheng  LAO  1458  1305  3.00  11  0
 17700566   Inthavong , Mali  LAO  1449  1272  2.50  11  0
 17700345   Chanthavongsa, Xayophone  LAO  1392  1114  1.00  11  0
Rc – average rating of rated opponents, Rp – rating performance, W – points won in games against rated opponents, N – total number of games against rated opponents, K*change – rating change for a player in given tournament


From 12 to 15 February 2015, National Chess Federation of Laos, in cooperation with the Asian Chess Federation and under the auspices of FIDE, first FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar was organized in Luang Prabang city of Laos. First 14 school teachers had passed FIDE Arbiter exams conducted by Casto Abundo, ACF Executive Director.  It had been done with cooperation of the Laos government Ministry of education & Sport.


According to LCF strategic plan for chess development in Laos, from 2017-2020 should be another step of quality growth, harder, and more resources requested as well.  The period in between 2011-2016, should be accepted as establishing step. It was successful enough, though we need to move forward to international from now on. Lao Chess federation pays high appreciation to H.E. Dr. Khammany INTHIRATH, Ministry of Energy & Mines, President of Lao chess federation for his effort and leadership for Lao chess federation activities.

Acting Plan

  1. Direct preparation for First Chess International Tournament, which is called, “Laos Open 2018″(Jan,3-10).
  2. Direct preparation for Chess Tournament Nationwide at the XI National Games in 2018 (November) in Xiengkhuang province.
  3. Direct preparation to send team for Chess Olympiad in Batumi in sep.2018.
  4. FIDE Rating tournament 2018 (date:…)
  5. Train 4 local people to get FA title for upcoming Laos Open events 2018.
  6. Improve Cooperation with Ministry of Education & Sport to push more chess in schools
  7. Looking for trainer-self support with own sponsor to teach chess in National Sport Academy of Ministry of Education & Sport.

Need Help

  1. Need donors to give more chess sets and chess clocks for Chess in School project under Ministry of Education & Sport.
  2. Need 1(one) chess trainer-self support with own sponsor, to teach chess in National Sport Academy of Ministry of Education & Sport (Laos).
  3. Laos Chess Federation need General Sponsor, and ready to sign contract for cooperation, if found.